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              Jiangsu Xuzhou tire mobile crushing plant

              Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-22 11:24:04

              Project Status

              Project Name: Jiangsu Xuzhou tire mobile crushing plant

              Equipment configuration: HX tire mobile crushing plant, feeder, belt conveyor

              Processing materials: construction waste

              Production capacity: 300 tons / hour

              Project Introduction:

              The introduction of a HX tire mobile crushing plant produced by our company at a construction site in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, is used to conduct on-site disposal of construction waste on demolition. The equipment can produce up to 350 tons per hour, with a higher crushing ratio, can handle concrete blocks larger than 700 cm in size, directly into the scene on-site operation, convenient and quick, easy to transport equipment, installation of short investment time , Suitable for some remote places in the city, quarries, open mines and other operations.

              Mobile crushing plant crushing efficiency, crushing ratio, without installation can be opened into the field of direct operations, eliminating the need for construction waste transportation and handling and other tedious processes, crushed material can also be used as recycled aggregate, not only low cost, but also Good quality, very satisfactory results.

              Client feedback

              The raw material size is less than 800mm and the finished product grain size is less than 30mm. It is widely used in the recycle of construction waste in mines, coal mines and rubbish. It is in line with the current green and resource recycling policies and has found new Breakthrough.