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              Ceramsite calcination production line

              Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-22 11:22:06

              Project Status

              Project Name: Anhui Lu'an Ceramsite Production Line

              Equipment configuration: wheel mill, box feeder, the roller granulator, dual cylinder rotary kiln, dust removal equipment, dryer, cooler and so on.

              Processing materials: coal gangue

              Production capacity: 100,000 tons / year

              Project Introduction:

              The customer is Anhui Liaonite Ceramsite manufacturers, ceramic sand production of raw materials less demanding, clay, slate, mudstone, shale, fly ash can be used as raw materials ceramsite, the customer is the use of coal gangue as Ceramsite sand production of raw materials. No matter what kind of raw materials, the general use of raw materials are homogenized, granulation, roasting, cooling of the production process.

              Coal gangue ceramsite production line using the production of ceramic waste Gangue, in line with national recycling waste recycling development of economic policies, help reduce the cost of ceramic production, and enjoy the preferential tax policies.

              Due to the different parts of coal gangue hill coal gangue mineral composition and chemical composition are quite different, Hongxing gangue ceramsite production line also added coal gangue homogenization process and storage, so that the coal gangue mineral composition and chemical composition uniformity , Stable supply, to ensure stable production of ceramsite, smooth operation and excellent product quality.

              Client feedback

              Ceramsite sand produced from this line is a ceramic particle product with high fracturing strength. The production line of smooth technology, granulation efficiency, good grain, grading reasonable, easy to operate.