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              Brick machine

              Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-26 16:34:46


              Model 844: Fully automatic stationary Multilayer Machine

              Worldwide the best in economical concept for the mass production of interlocking pavers and similar products of top quality. Model 844 is a fully automatic, stationary multilayer machine. The result of decades of research using the most modern technology. Performance at high level with simple handling and very low maintenance. The innovative Touch-Operator-Panel, using a revolutionary visualized menu navigation, allows easy and self-explanatory operation of all machine functions.

              Designed for products ranging from 50 mm to 500 mm. With model 844 pavers are produced as easy as curbstones or landscaping products. Using modular components, the production sequence can be fully automated to final cubes – ready for transport. Storage systems.

              with robot for curing are the perfect answer. In addition, consolidating stations are available to match shipping requirements. Step by step, the manufacturing system can be expanded to a fully automatic production line. When production is focused on paving stones, model 844 is far superior to single pallet plants concerning the price-performance ratio, duration of installation and simplified handling. The ZENITH team will provide full assistance during an early stage to ensure your success, based on fifty years of experience.

              Block height


              500 mm


              50 mm

              Cube height


              640 mm

              Production area max.

              1240x1000 mm

              Pallet size standard

              1270x1050x125 mm

              Back concrete hopper


              About 2100 L

              If cube height ,pallet size or production height which you required not be listed here, we will be happy to design special programs or solutions for you.

              Machine weight

              With hard face unit

              About 14 T

              Roller and pusher conveyor, operating platform, hydraulic station, pallet retainer etc.

              About 9 T

              Machine dimensions

              Max. total length

              6200 mm

              Max. total height(transport)

              3000 mm

              Max. total width

              2470 mm

              Machine data/Power supply

              Vibration system

              Vibration table


              Vibration force table

              max.80 KN

              Vibration force tamper head

              max.35 KN


              System: multi circuit medium pressure


              83 L/min

              Operation pressure

              18 MPa


              Max. power

              50 KW

              Control system

              Siemens S7-300(CPU315)

              Operation via Touch Panel

              Brick machine

              Brick machine